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How to install Euphony?
We offer a Euphony System image which can be downloaded and written to a USB flash drive. To make this easy for you we provided a little program to simplify the process. Follow the procedure:
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Do I need a separate blank HDD/SSD on which to install Euphony OS?
Yes, you must have a dedicated HDD/SSD to install Euphony. It cannot include any other software/partitions. Euphony is first installed on a USB by writing complete Euphony disk image to it. Later, when installing on chosen internal disk from Euphony application this disk will be automatically formatted and partitioned (4 partitions) before restoring Euphony operating system file structure to it. S...
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How to update Euphony & Revert feature
If you fully registered Euphony and used Install option to install Euphony on another drive for permanent usage then you are automatically able to receive updates.  If you are still running euphony from USB stick that you created from Euphony image then you must first do 'Complete installation' action (you can do that even in TRIAL mode).  Euphony checks for updates after every restart and will au...
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Having multiple Euphony installations?
If you are planning to have multiple Euphony installations active at the same time on your local network you should know that with default installation you will have hostname conflict since all Euphony machines will have the same default hostname: 'euphony'. You need to change default hostname: 'euphony' to some other name so each Euphony installation has unique hostname. Note that valid characte...
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'Complete installation' function
They way Euphony does updates to it's system is based on having two system partitions: active one - which you boot from inactive one - which you use during update  Update essentially downloads the whole system partition filesystem image and applies it to inactive partition. Once that is done system is simply told to boot from updated partition.  Previously active partition becomes inactive one (an...
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Registration process flow
The registration process requires a little back-and-forth between Euphony application, Online Euphony Registration site and your Email. Here are exact steps with appropriate images attached at the end of article: Select 'Registration' from Main Menu: Registration dialog appears Enter your information and enter 'TRIAL' for 30 days free trial registration or actual voucher code you received in email...
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Euphony USB won't boot (mostly on Macs)
If you cannot access Euphony after boot and you confirmed (by attaching monitor to Euphony machine) that you are being dropped to "emergency shell" or "emergency mode" because of some errors during boot you can try to:   Use earlier "Legacy boot" image Create USB image using this file: 
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Euphony is headless system (no need for monitor or keyboard attached to)
Euphony is a headless system and it is not controlled from screen and keyboard attached to Euphony computer!  People are used to control computer devices by its screen and keyboard attached to their computer. This is perfectly normal for personal computers. However for "server" systems this is not usual scenario. Servers are usually contolled from remote. Euphony computer is a kind of server syste...
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