How to install Euphony?

We offer a Euphony System image which can be downloaded and written to a USB flash drive. To make this easy for you we provided a small program to simplify the process.

Follow the procedure:

First get Euphony Downloader for Windows, unzip the downloaded file and double click on the EuphonyDownloader.exe icon.

Insert an empty USB device (min. 16GB) and select the corresponding drive in the Euphony Downloader.

Click GO! Then wait until the Euphony image is downloaded and then written to your USB device.

Now insert the USB device into your target PC/Music server and power it on. If your machine is not set-up (in BIOS) to first boot from a USB device, you will need to connect a monitor and keyboard to your system to interrupt the boot process. This is usually done by holding the F10 key for most PCs, or the Option key for MACs. Press the required key (F10 or Option) immediately after you physically power on the system, then choose the USB device with Euphony on it from the boot menu.

Versions from 20190403 support both: 'Legacy boot' and 'UEFI boot'. (Earlier versions only supported Legacy boot)

After the boot process is finished (the first boot is a little longer and it can last several minutes, so be patient), you can access the Euphony machine by going to http://euphony.local in the browser on some other computer in your network. If that doesn't work, you can try visiting to obtain the direct IP address of the Euphony machine. 

Check the ‘Basic usage’ section in the Euphony Guide to learn how to connect and interact with Euphony.

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