Euphony is headless system (no need for monitor or keyboard attached to)

Euphony is a headless system and it is not controlled from screen and keyboard attached to Euphony computer! 

People are used to control computer devices by its screen and keyboard attached to their computer. This is perfectly normal for personal computers. However for "server" systems this is not usual scenario. Servers are usually contolled from remote. Euphony computer is a kind of server system, which serves, streams music to your hifi - and its is controlled from other device - a kind of remote control. In case of Euphony computer - remote control is another computer, usually your smartphone or tablet or another desktop computer.

When you connect screen and keyboard to Euphony system you will usually see "blank screen" - or a "screen with a message which tells you there is nothing to control from this screen".  

So how do you control your Euphony system?

You control Euphony via your local network/WIFI using another computer, or your smartphone or tablet. For this to happen your need to connect your Euphony computer to your home network (presumably to your Internet router using Etherenet cable).

So when you have your Euphony computer connected to local network - you use other desktop computer and open Internet browser in it (like Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox...etc). You dial and type into its browser "http://euphony.local" .  After that your browser should display Euphony console by wich you control playback, browse music and everything on Euphony computer. 

If you cannot find Euphony by typing http:/euphony.local you can download applications for Iphone and Android to control Euphony. Also you can go to special page on

and there by selecting a button - it will bring your local Internet browser to your local Euphony remote control interface. 


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