What is Euphony?

Euphony is an operating system that has been highly optimized for music playback with a selected set of essential software.

It is a so called headless system. This means you don’t need a monitor or keyboard attached to it for regular use. It will however need to be connected to your network with an ethernet cable (to access the user interface). You will also need at least one DAC connected via USB (for music playback) or you can connect remotely to StylusEP, UPnP or HQPlayer endpoint.


Euphony can run on a regular PC, MAC, or a laptop, but it is best suited for a mini-PC or MAC mini.

Our recommended configuration (to guarantee the best sound quality) is 4GB RAM, and a four gen (Haswell) or newer processor, (Intel i3 or better). Lesser hardware will work fine, however the best possible sound quality may not be achieved.

To interact with Euphony you will only need a Web Browser on any other computer or mobile device (either on your smartphone/tablet or another desktop computer).

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