Unsupported hardware

There is always a possibility that some part of your hardware is not supported or not fully supported in Euphony OS.
Please review the following list before attempting to install Euphony or committing to a purchase intended for use with Euphony.


1) ARM based processors - Euphony only supports x64 architecture - ARM is not supported at all.

2) Mac Mini - newer generation Mac Mini (from generation 4 - 2018) is not supported. This is due to boot security which prevents the Mac Mini to boot any Linux OS.

3) Intel® Ethernet Controller I225-V and I225-LM - this network cards are currently not supported and there is no way to compile drivers for Linux. We will support it in our next major release v4 where it will be automatically supported by virtue of using the latest Linux kernel.

4) Other unsupported Ethernet cards - where possible we will obtain sources for the driver, compile them and include the driver in the next Euphony update. Contact us if you have problems accessing Euphony and you do not have the models mentioned above.

5) Various WiFi cards. Since Euphony only has experimental WiFi support, we will not take action to support a specific WiFi controller even if one has an available driver source to compile for Linux.

6) JCAT USB XE. This card may or may not work in Euphony - it depends on your motherboard and maybe other things. Some people report it works for them while others have less luck. More investigation is still needed to narrow down the issue...

7) Ryzen processors - all Ryzen processors will work fine in Euphony but for some (starting from Zen 2 generation) you may miss some features: temperature reading, explicit control of CPU frequency. 

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