Hardware change and definition of 'hardware' in context of Euphony Licence validity

Euphony License  is connected to your hardware. It only works on the same hardware - the one used when initiating registration process. 

If necessary, you can transfer your Euphony License to new hardware for free. 

When you buy Euphony License you receive a voucher code. You then use that voucher, together with your hardware fingerprint that is automatically passed to online registration form, to obtain registration code (regcode).  This regcode is then used to register you hardware. 

If you decide to change hardware, you will need new regcode. When you install Euphony on new hardware, boot it and you have access to Euphony Web Application, go to Settings ->System and note the field: Euphony hardware fingerprint. Open new Ticket with request for hardware change and copy/paste the fingerprint into it. We will make necessary changes in our registration database and send you the new regcode. You can then use that regcode to register Euphony on new hardware (just enter the regcode in Registration dialog without following the link to Registration form on our online registration site).
Your previous registration (for old hardware) will be automatically rendered invalid in our database (your status on old hardware will became: unregistered and the old regcode won't work anymore if you try to register with it again).

In this registration context 'hardware' means: Motherboard, CPU and Ethernet network card(s). Other internal components like storage, WIFI card or RAM are not included and can be freely changed/replaced without losing registration status. 
Also note the following:

  1. Ethernet network card is required to be present! Even if you successfully setup WIFI connection, remove Ethernet cable and only use WIFI to connect to Euphony do not remove Ethernet network card or disable it in BIOS!
  2. Adding another network card or removing a card while leaving other present may also change your registration status! Please, use your trial period to firmly settle on desired configuration regarding network cards before buying a license.
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