Registration process flow

The registration process requires a little back-and-forth between Euphony application, Online Euphony Registration site and your Email.

Here are exact steps with appropriate images attached at the end of article:

  • Select 'Registration' from Main Menu: Registration dialog appears (PIC1)
  • Click on the blue highlighted link: Registration form appears in separate Browser Tab (PIC2)
  • Enter your information and enter 'TRIAL' for 30 days free trial registration or actual voucher code you received in email after buying Euphony license. An email should arrive on email address you provided (PIC3)
  • Click on Registration code button link inside email. Browser page on Euphony registration site should appear with your actual registration code in an input field (PIC4). Click 'Copy' button to copy the regcode to clipboard.
  • Return to your browser tab with Euphony application and Registration dialog opened, paste the code into Registration code input field and click Register (PIC5). Euphony machine must have internet access in order to fully confirm validity of entered regcode.

In short the flow is this: Euphony web app Registration dialog -> Euphony Registration Site -> Email -> Euphony Registration Site -> Euphony web app Registration dialog.

Please don't confuse voucher code (8-character string which you receive in email after buying a license and which has to be entered into Registration form on Registration site) and registration code (10-character string which has to be entered into Registration dialog in Euphony web app).

Your registration status is always visible at the bottom right in Euphony web application.

Registration dialog 

Registration form



Registration dialog

Registration dialog

PIC1-Registration-dialog.png PIC1-Registration-dialog.png
PIC2-Registration-form.png PIC2-Registration-form.png
PIC3-Email.png PIC3-Email.png
PIC4-Regcode.png PIC4-Regcode.png
PIC5-Enter-regcode-and-register.png PIC5-Enter-regcode-and-register.png

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