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Hardware change and definition of 'hardware' in context of Euphony Licence validity
Euphony License is connected to your hardware. It only works on the same hardware – the one used when initiating the registration process.  If necessary, you can transfer your Euphony License to new hardware for free.  In Euphony major version 3 when you buy a Euphony License, you receive a voucher code. You can then use that voucher, together with your hardware fingerprint that is automatically p...
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Unsupported hardware
There is always a possibility that some part of your hardware is not supported or not fully supported in Euphony OS. Please review the following list before attempting to install Euphony or committing to a purchase intended for use with Euphony.   1) ARM based processors - Euphony only supports x64 architecture - ARM is not supported at all. 2) Mac Mini - newer generation Mac Mini (from generation...
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