How to update Euphony & Revert feature

If you fully registered Euphony and used Install option to install Euphony on another drive for permanent usage, then you will automatically be able to receive updates. 

If you are still running Euphony from the USB stick that you created from the Euphony image, then you must first do the 'Complete Installation' action (you can do that even in TRIAL mode). 

Euphony checks for updates after every restart and will automatically open Settings -> Update page if there is a new update. You can also manually activate Check for updates from the main menu.


To see the changes since the last release you installed, click on the release number in the Update dialog to open the 'Changes' panel.

To see the complete list of changes for all releases click on current release number in Settings -> System.


Internally, when fully installed (by 'Complete' or 'Install'), Euphony has 2 system partitions. When you perform an Update that update lands on another (inactive) partition and then that updated partition becomes the one to boot from.

So after the first update, you will always have one partition with the current release and one with the previously installed release.

'Revert' function in Settings -> System switches between these two partitions.

It's also worth noting that Euphony uses two types of updates:

  • System update - explained above
  • Feature update - this only updates some files on the current system partition

Since the Feature update does not use the second partition, it just updates the current one, Revert feature cannot be used to go back to the earlier Feature update point - only to the most recent System update.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not use Revert lightly before consulting with support. Revert switches between system images but configuration, which is on a separate 'data' partition, remains in place and it's always possible that previous releases may have become confused with newly introduced configurations from the latest release. We will of course try to prevent this but it may not always be possible.

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