We were in Munich on HiFi Deluxe 2024.

Together with our partnership company Naiu Lab and our friends from Master Fidelity and Suesskind Audio, we were able to set up an audio system that consists of some of the best devices on the high end audio market.
Our dual Summus setup was engaged for perfect streaming of all audio files.

Revolutionary Nadac D and Nadac C from Master Fidelity were in charge of upsampling all files to DSD 256, then turned them into a perfect analog signal.

Ella MK3 from the Naiu Lab provided the “out of this world” amplification for the whole system and made sure that the magnificent Kronos speakers from Suesskind Audio impress the listeners with every second of music.


No wonder so many visitors have remained in our studio 3 for so long and many of them have come back to see and hear more …

And a special thank you Bert van Der Wolf of the Spirit of Turtle/Northstar recording, who provided some of his best Hi -Res recordings for the show and finally adjusted the acoustics in the room. Great exhibition, great partners and a lot of fun…

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