Beyond digital

Stylus is the most sophisticated and comprehensive premium audio software that turns computers into high-end music streamers. Being the only audio player on the market that comes exclusively pre-installed on an audio-optimized operating system, Stylus doesn’t have to contend with many non-audio-related tasks that consume computer resources within standard operating systems (Windows, OSX)

Additionally, the Stylus package includes other popular audio players, also pre-installed on the highly optimized Euphony OS. Although the sound quality of these audio players does not reach the organic fullness and natural color of Stylus audio reproduction, some audiophiles prefer the user interfaces and features that these players offer.
Together with streaming services Tidal and Qobuz, Stylus integrates everything essential for superior audio playback from the computer.

Single album playback mode

Single album playback mode allows you to play an album of your choice without adding it to a playlist first. Just click/tap on the album cover you want to play and it will pop up in a new window with all the songs ready to play. Like putting a CD in the player or a vinyl record on the turntable – old habits wrapped in new technology. Start playback from the first track or any other track of your choice. With the addition of the Play&Relax feature that instantly disconnects the Stylus from the network and enables offline playback, the single-album playback mode is an absolute must for serious music lovers.

Stylus Endpoint

Stylus Endpoint represents the very core of the Stylus suite and is solely responsible for the rich and natural sound that cannot be obtained with other digital audio players. Also available as a separate software package (Stylus Endpoint subscription), it is intended for sophisticated dual PC audio systems where library management is always performed from a second computer, connected to the Endpoint PC via a network cable. Stylus Endpoint enables the pure art of audio streaming without interfering with browsing your library, adding albums to playlists, or any other non-streaming tasks. Various other endpoint connections (Roon Bridge, NAA, Airplay, etc.) are also included in the Stylus Endpoint package for customers interested in exploring and experimenting with different audio players and endpoints.


The CD RAM application allows you to copy a CD to RAM and play it after a few seconds. You can later save the fully ripped album to your local library.

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