Pink Faun’s flagship music streamer 2.16 ultra, powered by a custom version of Euphony Stylus software, has been awarded a Blue Moon by

“As such this award was the only proper conclusion. It takes into account the ace software of HDinfo’s Stylus player on the Euphony OS licensed to Pink Faun in a customized version; the hardware’s build quality; the embedded user support; and finally the action/influence of the hardware and software on the listening experience.”

“As dedicated playback software, the Euphony OS and their Stylus player customized under license for Pink Faun are one and the same. Updating the player when prompted by a popup can’t ever cause incompatibility issues as many happen when Windows or Mac OS updates compromise player software like JRiver or Audirvana whose creators must quickly write fixes and you install their latest version.”


Read the whole review here

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