Euphony Stylus 3.0 offers enhanced version of Stylus player, latest Linux kernel, modules and system packages optimized purely for music playback.  The kernel contains newest CPU and IO schedulers thus achieving the lowest latency possible. Additionally, we introduced new optimizations of Euphony Stylus to further smooth-out its performance necessary for high-quality audio playback.

New integration of Qobuz and YouTube to Stylus gives easy access to new music sources. Qoboz offers Hi-Res playback up to 24/192. YouTube integration offers free playback of any music available on YouTube! Addition of Airplay Server offers direct audio streaming from mobile or desktop applications to Euphony based audio system, making it an ultimate “audio endpoint” for smarphones and desktops.

Extensive and thorough testing proved that version 3.0 can produce even better and more natural sound than version 2.0 (objectively, by monitoring latency and subjectively, by comparative listening sessions between Euphony 2.0 and 3.0). Stylus player, Roon Core and HQplayer enable even more natural audio playback with Euphony 3.0, in comparison to 2.0 version.



Easy setup and maintenance

  • Linux knowledge not required
  • Dedicated app for generating bootable USB
  • One-click install to internal drive
  • Regular one-click updates
  • Remote access support available

Several music          sources

  • Local library
  • Tidal
  • Qobuz (new v3)
  • Webradio & podcasts
  • Youtube playback (new v3)

Various player integrations

  • Stylus – native player
  • Roon Core – optional player
  • HQPlayer – upsampler
  • Networkaudio – HQP endpoint
  • Squeezelite – LMS endpoint
  • Roon – endpoint
  • Airplay – audio Server (new v3)

Amazing natural sound

  • New optimisations for playback (new in v3)
  • Dedicated operating system for music playback
  • High quality audio algorithms
  • Play from memory
  • Automatic library cache to SSD
  • Upsampling by HQPlayer

Rich library management

  • Supports large libraries
  • Powerful search function
  • Saved filters/views
  • Wizard function
  • Automatic album cover retrieval
  • Album & artist info retrieval
  • Tag editing

File management & tools

  • Internal Euphony drive
  • Auto-mounted USB drives
  • Network shares (SMB)
  • Share internal drive on network (SMB)
  • File view & copy
  • Separate File Manager appl.
  • CD ripping
  • SACD ISO extract

is a finest phono cartridge for extraction of the subtlest details from digital grooves of your music library. It will feed your DAC with warmth and depth of the vinyl era.