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Roon Backup problem
This issue applies to users who select Roon Core as their designated Music Service to run on Euphony. When you for the first time select to have scheduled backups for Roon in Roon Client interface, Roon will offer you a folder '/root' as the default folder. Don't accept this!Go back by selecting '/' either in the side panel or on the 'Selected folder' path at the top and select '/data' folder as y...
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DAC not showing in Roon when 'Roon + <other player>' is started in Euphony
If you start Roon core and some other player (StylusEP or HQPlayer) you will notice that your DAC is no longer visible in Roon Client interface (as opposed to when Roon core is started alone). This is expected! When a player accesses the audio device, this access is exclusive! No other player can play on this device until the first player relinquishes its access. When Roon core starts with some ot...
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Adding NAS/share to Roon library
If you use Roon core on Euphony, do not connect your NAS/share in Roon client!  The proper procedure is to use "Add network drive" in Euphony app first!After a successful connection, use the path where the network drive is attached to the local filesystem ("Linked" column in the "Network drives" table) and add t
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