Attach external USB drive to Euphony computer

1) Attach (plug in) your USB drive (we call it External Storage) to your computer. Euphony accepts your USB drives in formats FAT, FAT32, NTFS.

2) In Euphony web remote - you choose Tools (blue cogwheel in upper right corner) and find Tools->Settings->Library menu.

3) Here under section "External storage" you can find all your attached storage devices listed. You can use "refresh page" in your browser to see if you plugged drive is not visible.

4) Your USB drive is listed as type "USB DISK". By choosing menu [...] on right side  -  you can choose what to do next with newly attached drive (menu under Action column).

5) From [...] menu you can choose  "Add to Music Library" - this will add your entire drive into Euphony Music Library (to be scanned). Optionally you can choose only to include part of your drive (drive path).

6) Function "Adding to Music Library" is main action if you want your USB drive data  to become a part of Euphony music library and play music from your USB drive.

7) There are also other functions in Action menu like:

    a) "Unmount / Eject" drive - you choose this option when you want to "safely" unplug your drive from Euphony:

    b) Backup to this device - you can choose to backup your music ( from internal drive) to this drive:  

    c) Format drive - you can choose to format drive if it is not formatted yet (you attached brand new drive and want to erase it and store something on it).




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